Astral Projection Radio Hour

Since January 2014, I have co-hosted Astral Projection Radio Hour, a weekly witch-themed radio show on that I created with my good friend Melissa. We play dark sounds and occult-themed music, discuss intersectional feminism and rituals, read custom moon forecasts and snack-themed horoscopes, and interview powerful witches – we have featured Jessica Lanyadoo, Money Witch, Sailorhg, Manjula Martin, and more.

Astral Projection is currently one of the most popular shows on, and has been featured by Sanctuary 3, SF Station, and Brit + Co.


I created this mark to represent our show on the station website and social media. It contains a radio tower, the all-seeing eye, and a crystal ball.


Every week, we read patented snack-themed horoscopes on-air. In 2015–2016, we published them as a monthly feature with Flavorpill. I designed a custom-lettered donut logo inspired by psychics’ neon signs and a bunch of food-themed zodiac icons to go with the text.

Bats Frequencies Forever

I created this T-shirt and tote bag design of a bat echolocating a resonant crystal for a station fundraiser. It was in part inspired by imagery from my favorite museum. You can get your own and show your support for the station here.

Private Eye

I designed and custom-lettered a window sign for a mystical private investigator, inspired by Ouija, psychic imagery, and vintage circus ads, for's second studio in the Secret Alley. It was printed and installed as a gold-and-black vinyl decal on glass.

Lone Wolf Radio Hour

I sporadically DJ solo sets when my co-host is away, and they're usually a mix of darkwave, electronic, R&B, trap, death metal, and a few surprises.