Editorial Illustration

I occasionally take on editorial and spot assignments for magazines and publications. See also: Lucky Peach, Portraits, Pixel Art.



I drew this decentralized network diagram as DICK HEX™ for Cara DeFabio’s brilliant feminist blockchain explainer, Men Explain Blockchain to Me, for Medium.


The Dispossessed

In honor and memory of Ursula K. Le Guin.


I created these editorial illustrations for Reveal, an excellent podcast from the Center for Investigative Reporting. These images traveled alongside episodes about America's e-waste dumping groundsa French reporter's complex relationship with the refugee crisis, and the risks and costs of in vitro fertilization.

Pokemon Go in Charts

In the height of the Pokemon Go craze, I wrote and designed some charts for Bustle. I don't know that they make much sense if you're reading this anytime after Summer 2016.

Bustle + Romper Editorial

From a series of quick, minimal editorial illustrations for Bustle and Romper, for assorted articles about love, sexuality, women's health, parenting, and intersectionality.

Late Night Bites

I drew a bunch of happy foods for a piece on midnight snacks in San Francisco for The Bold Italic.


As part of a major redesign, Airbnb asked me to create twenty spot illustrations that embody various concepts central to their brand to be used in materials unveiling the transformation.

Bike Theft

A sad face for a piece on bike theft for The Bold Italic.


A series of quick editorial illustrations on the concepts of time, mortality, and decision-making.