As part of my design studio practice, I often take on logo and brand identity work. Here are some selected examples from the past few years.

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The Ruby

A custom-lettered logo and mark for The Ruby, a work and gathering space for woman and non-binary creative individuals, as well as a series of sub-logos for various Ruby-sponsored events and efforts: a direct action-themed dinner series, a series of tarot classes, and a feline-powered campaign against homelessness.



A mark for the Computational Propaganda Research Project at the Oxford Internet Institute, which investigates the interaction between algorithms, automation, and politics, focusing on how social media bots are used to manipulate public opinion via amplification or repression of content, disinformation, and hate speech. Created as designer-in-residence.


Magpie Kingdom

A mark for Magpie Kingdom, a series of research projects and advisory services from ethnographers Christina Xu and Tricia Wang, focused on youth culture, consumer technology, and internet and social media behavior in China.


AI Initiative

A mark for the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative, a research effort and philanthropic fund from the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society that seeks to ensure that technologies of automation and machine learning are researched, developed, and deployed in a way which vindicate social values of fairness, human autonomy, and justice. Visually refers to the gradient descent optimization algorithm.


The Galallery

A mark for The Galallery, an independent gallery in San Francisco dedicated to showcasing emerging local artists. To represent the multi-faceted, playfully mysterious nature of the gallery and its projects, the mark simultaneously portrays the letter G, a parenthesis and a semicolon, and a winking smiley face.


Trade Journal Cooperative

A crest for the Trade Journal Cooperative, a quarterly subscription service of niche trade journals curated by Tim Hwang. A shield of miscellaneous objects, braced by a mule and a pigeon, animals associated with transport and delivery.



A series of marks, logotypes, and seals for Studiotobe, an Oakland-based content and production studio and coworking space focused on journalism and narrative works. Joaquin and Ken, Studiotobe’s founders, wanted something that evokes a grounded, hardworking ethos and referenced the history of the space they were taking over, a former brewery with brick walls.



A logotype for Emojicon, the first conference investigating and celebrating everything emoji.



A custom-lettered logo and mark for Bellwether, an upcoming podcast of speculative journalism from Sam Greenspan.


Social Bots Seminar

A mark for a seminar on social bots and politics created with the research firm Pacific Social Architecting, which included lectures, interactive simulations, and a tabletop game. Refers to a computer’s on-off toggle symbol and a sprouted seed.


New Wizards

An illustrated monogram for the podcast New Wizards, which follows two adults reading and discussing their way through the Harry Potter book series.