Economic Security Project

I have collaborated with the Economic Security Project, an organization committed to advancing the conversation around universal basic income and unconditional cash, on a variety of Special Initiatives projects.


Into the Black

Into the Black was a speculative short fiction contest that asked writers to imagine a future of economic security and explore the impacts of basic income on individuals and society. The authors of the winning stories were awarded basic income and publication in io9.

I worked with the Economic Security Project’s Special Initiatives Director, Cara Rose DeFabio, to design a logo and a piece of science fiction-inspired editorial artwork that traveled with contest materials. Both pieces of imagery use the metaphor of a line of stability that individuals in a society struggle to stay afloat in relation to, as well as ideas of collective rebuilding and upward growth.


CASH Conference

The first-ever CASH Conference was held in October 2017, and explored what an economy built on the well-being of everyone could look like. The conference brought together artists, academics, activists, and more for a day of conversations around basic income as a possible strategy toward alleviating systemic inequalities.

I worked with the Economic Security Project on the CASH Conference’s branding and visual style, which was used across print and digital materials. We focused on showcasing historical imagery juxtaposed with contemporary lines and color palettes that suggest looking forward with an awareness of what has elapsed in the past.